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Dec 19 10 11:27 PM

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There used to be a Alternative Acoustics in Tigard, OR.

There's a craigslist ad that mentions Dave & Audio Alternative:

These speakers look very similar, and the description is very similar, to a set I have seen from Alternative Acoustics.

Are these 2 businesses linked or is there some commonality between them?

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Feb 9 11 11:35 AM

Once again, my apologies. The forum is supposedly set up to send me notifications when new tops or responses surface, but again, I do not seem to have been notified, but I will answer your question now. The brand name of Alternative Acoustics was originally the brand of the Dave Herren, who was my late boss. These speakers, though, are more than likely from the late 80's early 90's, as that was the period of time he used to brand his speakers / equipment from Alternative Acoustics, as compared to the more recently name of the Audio Alternative. As for relation of the two businesses, they were both originally started by Dave. I hope that answers your question and my apologies for the lateness of this reply. I assume I will have to manually check this forum, as the notifications seem to not be reaching my company mail as I would like. 

Stereo Dave's Audio Alternative,LLC

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Feb 18 11 9:48 AM

Hmm. OK well there was only 1 guy I believe that worked at Alternative Acoustics in Tigard, OR. I dont believe his name was Dave. I would say this was around 1993. Later, I believe he moved his business to Wilsonville or Woodburn.

The speakers had wood top and bottom, the rest all covered with a sock. They had 12" woofers, in their own enclosure inside, 8" mids, again in their own enclosure, and some 1" tweeters. He used bi-wiring terminals out back. I also believe the name for these were "BGT's". They did not have any branding on them, but BGT was an implied name. The work was done in-house, but the woodworking was done somewhere else.

Are you implying that Stereo Dave originally owned Alternative Acoustics, then possibly sold? What was the guys name he sold to? Were these speakers then his design?

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Feb 19 11 1:12 PM

To answer your question, if the business was in Tigard, it would not have been run by Dave Herren at that time. He did originally own Alternative Acoustics and worked with a man by the name of the late Mark Brennan I believe. Later, from what I understand, he sold the name to Mark Brennan and ran his business under the Audio Alternative. When his company was known as Alternative Acoustics I believe it which was originally located in the hollywood district of Portland and then moved to SW Portland / Beaverton. 

That being said, the speakers and name you describe as being the "BGT's" were actually his design of speakers he was making at the time, of which he went through numerous generations; our single driver speakers being an offshoot of his latest, most advanced design. Thanks for your question.

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Feb 23 11 11:45 AM

Thank you for reply.

Yes Mark was his name, I had forgotten. I did not know he passed away, he was the guy I dealt with. I was under the impression that the BGT's were his design alone. Interesting. I actually have a set that are not being used anymore in almost perfect shape, just sittin in the corner. Hard to sell because of the unknown drivers used and of course no name brand that people can identify with.

Thanks again.

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Apr 3 11 3:17 AM

Not many people did know he passed away. The strange thing was that Mark passed away from what I hear not too much after my late boss had his sudden passing. Yes, and many people also did not realize that much of Mark's designs were actually from working with Dave. There is a liability with buying non name brand equipment, but there are also advantages. If it is designed right, a custom speaker can sound quite a bit better over name brand mass produced equipment, which has had corners cut to enable it be cheaply mass produced. Also, the maker of a custom speaker often cares about his sound more than a large company. And you can actually talk to the maker of the speaker himself. This is something you can't do with a company such as Klipsch, etc. 

We have tried to limit our customers liability for trusting us and buying our equipment, as we offer very generous trade ins for our previous model speakers. We do constantly improve our product. There is a large difference between our earlier models and our current reference models. And we constantly seem to come up with new reference speakers. Therefore, by offering generous trade ins on our older speakers / subwoofers, the customer get current technology at a very fair price.  

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Apr 5 11 1:31 PM

Hi Gang,

I just wanted to comment quickly on the BGT's mentioned above. I believe I own a set of these myself... bought them from Dave (Herren) MANY "moons" ago. They do indeed have no markings on them at all. Wood tops & bottoms (oak?), and wrapped in a black sock material. I don't recall exactly when I bought them from Dave (early 80's?) but it would have been when he was in the Portland store.

I was a member of his original listening group and my first purchase from Dave would have been a Threshold 400A amplifier that was installed as his reference amp at the time. I still have that amp to this day! Along with a matching Threshold preamp, which I rarely use deferring instead to a GAS (Great American Sound) Thaedra most of the time. All this gear is Class A biased of course, and runs hot as hell.

Pardon me for just jumping in.... but I love my BGT's... if that's what they really are... as well as the MANY items I've been sold by Dave during those years.  :)

I thought of Dave today and Google'd The Audio Alternative. I'm saddened to hear of his passing..... I've spent many a long hour with him in the past, and "tortuous testing" sessions. I've thought of him many times over the years and I'll miss him a lot.


Twitter = @HiTech_Guy FaceBook = DennisDearborne

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May 1 11 2:38 AM

Hi Dennis,

It's nice to hear from a person who knew Dave. The family and myself after his passing tried to get a hold of as many people as we could to let them know (and this was not a small task. His memorial had 500 plus people who attended), but many times it was quite impossible, as many people changed phone numbers, addresses, etc. To this day, I still receive phone calls from old customers who had no idea he passed away and are surprised that his approach to audio and his technology has continued to live on. Dave was such a larger than life person that nobody dreamed his life would end so soon. 

People did love his BGTs and he sold quite a few of them according to store records along with his earlier versions of single driver speakers. Also, the BGTs were rectangular boxes wrapped in grill cloth with wooden tops and bottoms. If your speakers are pentagonal in shape, they are a different model after the BGTs, which were very good as well. 

As yourself, we too spent many hours with Dave in his listening sessions and testing sessions and we continue to do these listening sessions, as they are the most effective way to continue to improve our product. As with Dave, our products continue to improve and is a constant search for perfection.

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May 6 16 4:20 PM

Curious, I usually hang out over at Audiokarma, but someone posted about an Alternative Acoustics preamp that he found at a Goodwill. I Googled the brand name and came across this site. Any knowledge of a preamp built by Alternative Acoustics?

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May 7 16 7:40 AM

I am the one the previous poster mentioned. The preamp was made by Alternative Acoustics and sounds amazing. I would really appreciate any information regarding this preamp. Here's an image of the preamplifier.

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