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May 3 11 12:16 PM

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I have a nice pair of custom built speakers, that were built by Alternative Acoustics. These were built by Mark Brennan, who apparently worked with Dave.

They are approximately 48" H x 19" D x 14" W.

They have oak wood tops and bottoms, and are wrapped in a black/dark brown sock material. I have never opened them up, but from what I can tell, they are 3-way design using 12" woofer, 8" mid, and 1" tweeters.

They were built to use bi-wiring (not biamp), and I have some good cable lengths to go with them. They are Marshall Sound Runner 10-AWG wires that Mark provided.

There is nothing at all wrong with them, I just don't use them anymore, as I have way too many speakers/gear. Not sure how much to ask for them, since they are technically no name. So, I'm open to reasonable offers, maybe some interesting trades as well, and I can arrange to send photos, or listening session. Please contact me @ if interested.

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Jun 18 11 2:54 AM

If you have good photos, you may even want to try craigslist or audiogon with a description of the man who made them and his history. I am not sure how much you can get for that late model, but you may get a taker. I wish you luck.

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